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SQL Server 2005 Vertiefung für Entwickler

MOC 2781 - Designing SQL Server 2005 Server-Side Solutions (3 Tage)
Die Teilnehmer lernen:
  • Select SQL Server services to support an organization's business needs
  • Design a security strategy for a SQL Server 2005 solution
  • Design a data modeling strategy
  • Design a transaction strategy for a SQL Server solution
  • Design a Notification Services solution
  • Design a Service Broker solution
  • Plan for source control, unit testing, and deployment to meet an organization's needs
  • Evaluate advanced query techniques
  • Evaluate advanced XML techniques
MOC 2782 - Designing SQL Server 2005 Databases (2 Tage)
Die Teilnehmer lernen:
  • Approach database design from a systematic perspective, gather database requirements, and formulate a conceptual design.
  • Analyze and evaluate a logical database design
  • Apply best practices for creating a physical database design
  • Apply best practices when designing for database scalability
  • Design a database access strategy
  • Use best practices to model database dependencies
MOC 2783 - Designing the Data Tier for SQL Server 2005 (1 Tag)
Die Teilnehmer lernen:
  • Choose data access technologies and an object model to support an organization's business needs.
  • Design an exception handling strategy
  • Choose a cursor strategy
  • Design query strategies by using Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS)
  • Design caching strategies for database applications
  • Design a scalable data tier for database applications
MOC 2784 - Tuning and Optimizing Queries Using SQL Server 2005 (3 Tage)
Die Teilnehmer lernen:
  • Normalize databases:
    Design a normalized database.
    Optimize a database design by denormalizing.
  • Optimize data storage
  • Manage concurrency:
    Manage concurrency by selecting the appropriate transaction isolation level.
    Select a locking granularity level.
  • Optimize and tune queries for performance
  • Optimize an indexing strategy
  • Decide when cursors are appropriate
  • Identify and resolve performance-limiting problems
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