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SQL Server 2005 OLAP - Projektierung

Diese Kurse wenden sich an erfahrene BI-Entwickler und Projektleiter. Es werden die Kenntnisse des "Doing" vorausgesetzt, die in den Kursen OLAP - Implementierung vermittelt werden.

MOC 2794 - Designing a Business Intelligence Solution for the Enterprise Using SQL Server 2005 (2 Tage)
  • Capture the business and technical requirements for a Business Intelligence solution architecture
  • Describe the major stages and requirements of a Business Intelligence project lifecycle
  • Determine Business Intelligence development requirements and implement a Business Intelligence development project
  • Assess and design a Business Intelligence infrastructure
  • Describe and plan Business Intelligence operations and their management
MOC 2795 - Designing an ETL Solution Architecture Using SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (2 Tage)
  • Plan data transfer and staging solutions for an ETL operation
  • Plan an SSIS Solution
  • Design and implement data flows
  • Incorporate logging, error handling, and reliability into a package
  • Optimize an SSIS solution
  • Deploy and operate an SSIS solution
MOC 2796 - Designing an Analysis Solution Architecture Using SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (3 Tage)
  • Capture the business and technical requirements for an analysis solution
  • Design and implement a logical Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) solution architecture
  • Design physical storage for a multidimensional solution
  • Create calculated members and named sets
  • Implement Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), actions, and stored procedures
  • Design the infrastructure for an OLAP solution
  • Deploy and secure an Analysis Services solution in a production environment
  • Monitor and optimize an Analysis Services solution
  • Implement a data mining solution
MOC 2797 - Designing a Reporting Solution Architecture Using SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (2 Tage)
  • Design a reporting solution
  • Develop a reporting solution
  • Collaborate with application developers to complete reporting and analytical interfaces
  • Deploy and manage a Reporting Services solution
  • Design security for a Reporting Services solution
  • Optimize report execution performance
Die Schulungsunterlagen sind nur auf Englisch verfügbar.
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