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Kursbeschreibung: MOC 2794

Designing a Business Intelligence Solution for the Enterprise Using SQL Server 2005 (2 Tage)

  • Capture the business and technical requirements for a Business Intelligence solution architecture
  • Describe the major stages and requirements of a Business Intelligence project lifecycle
  • Determine Business Intelligence development requirements and implement a Business Intelligence development project
  • Assess and design a Business Intelligence infrastructure
  • Describe and plan Business Intelligence operations and their management

2 Tage


Experienced BI and SQL Server professionals. The target students for this course already have an understanding of how to use the SQL Server 2005 tools to implement BI infrastructure and solutions, but need to develop their understanding of design principles and best practices when planning, implementing, and deploying a Business Intelligence architecture and solution.

  • Have foundational conceptual understanding of data warehousing, data marts, and Business Intelligence. Students must be well-versed on the subjects of data warehousing, data marts, and BI, and preferably have read at least one book by Ralph Kimball or Bill Inmon.
  • Have conceptual understanding of the components of SQL Server 2005. For example, the online analytical processing (OLAP), extract, transport, and load (ETL), and reporting technologies.
  • Have practical experience with OLAP, ETL, and Reporting on the SQL Server 2005 Platform. For example, constructing cubes, developing packages, and writing reports.
  • Have foundational understanding of Microsoft Windows® security. For example, how groups, delegation of credentials, and impersonation function in a security context.
  • Have foundational understanding of Web-based architecture. For example, SSL, SOAP, and IIS—what they are and what their role is.
  • Already know how to use:
    • Microsoft Office Visio
    • Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio
    • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
    • Performance Monitor
    • Report Builder and Report Manager
    • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

Module 1: Introduction to Business Intelligence Architecture

In this module, students will learn about key design principles that should be considered when scoping a BI solution, and about the components of the back end and front end of a BI solution, so that they can design and develop appropriate BI solutions for organizations.

  • Overview of Business Intelligence
  • Overview of Business Intelligence Architecture

Module 2: Overview of the Business Intelligence Project Lifecycle

This module examines the core processes and requirements to achieve a successful Business Intelligence project.

  • Planning a Business Intelligence Project
  • Determining Business Intelligence Requirements
  • Revising and Updating a Business Intelligence Project

Module 3: Introduction to Business Intelligence Development

This module describes how to plan and manage the development process for a Business Intelligence project. It discusses considerations for assembling the development team, managing the development process, testing, and deploying the solution.

  • Overview of Business Intelligence Development
  • Managing Business Intelligence Development
  • Determining Data Management Process

Module 4: Designing Business Intelligence Infrastructure

This module describes how to identify infrastructure requirements for a Business Intelligence solution, and how to design an effective infrastructure to provide the required levels of scalability and availability.

  • Determining Infrastructure Requirements
  • Planning for Scalability and Availability

Module 5: Managing Business Intelligence Operations

This module explains how to manage and operate a Business Intelligence solution.

  • Overview of Business Intelligence Operations
  • Managing Maintenance and Operations Tasks
  • Managing Data Archiving
  • Managing Business Intelligence Operations for Business Continuity
Die Schulungsunterlage ist nur auf Englisch verfügbar!
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